atari youth witnessed a great success for the popular games festival in Al Wakra youth and summer summer in the activities of Al Wakra Youth Center and the Arab Sports Club organized the popular games festival, with the participation of a large number of Qatari youth from different age groups participating in the activity, where competitions were held in four popular games It is (Rein, touch, hunter, crappie) in order to introduce these games and the correct way to do them, under the supervision of the supervisors of social activities at the center and the club, the festival has received a wide participation of young people and parents.
Mr. Mohamed Al-Amri, Chairman of the Youth Committee of the Arab Sports Club, stressed that the aim of holding this event in its third version is to use the time of youth during the summer period to benefit them, as well as to motivate them to move and practice sports, especially as all these games are dynamic and revitalization, in addition to introducing youth to the games. Folk and ancestral heritage.
Al-Amiri thanked the supervisors and participants for directing this festival with this beautiful and expressive image of our Qatari heritage.He also thanked the Department of Youth Activities at the Ministry of Culture and Sports for its support to the summer activities in general and heritage in particular, and thanked Al Wakra Youth Center for this active partnership in these programs, wishing continued cooperation and effectiveness in Serving the countrymen.
For his part, Mr. Mohammed Al-Muftah, Director of Al-Wakra Youth Center addressed the impact of this event on the definition of popular games and their role in preserving heritage in this aspect, as well as the center’s keenness and through the summer activity this year to hold these heritage events, pointing out that this festival is held in cooperation between the Center The Arab Club in four popular games with the participation of a remarkable Qatari youth keen to identify their heritage and the lives of their ancestors, stressing the success of the event and reach its desired goal, and won to admire the fans and participants. Al-Muftah added that the holding of these festivals contributes to the preservation of popular games in memory, as well as linking the youth of the present with the generations of the past, while thanking both the Ministry of Culture and Sports for their support of these activities, and the Arab Sports Club for partnership in this important festival.
Many of the participants expressed their joy to participate in this festival, where they learned about the popular games and the way they played, and the nature of their practice as parents and grandparents, and said it taught us a lot and benefited from them, as they are fun games characterized by movement; and interest; teamwork, as well as intelligence and focus, as They wished for the continuation of this event