The summer of the Arab Sports Club and Al Wakra Youth Center continue in full swing with the continuous training for the members of the summer activity within the distinctive sports program of the club and the center to teach the arts of karate sports, and in the summer activities of 2019, has witnessed a large karate training of young people, the fact that karate one of the popular sports program They were educated with the help of competent trainers
The number of participants so far has reached nearly 60 participants of different ages. The program started to train the participants groups in the technical skills of this sport and how to properly perform these strikes with skill and proficiency, with knowledge of their respective laws, over two days a week during The morning and evening periods on Sunday and Tuesday.
He also stressed that the karate self-defense games find great demand by the members of the activity for this year, so we are keen to get all participants in the activity with the required outcome in knowing the most prominent skills in this art.
Captain Fawzi said that karate training witnessed an intensification of training sessions for this sport with the start of the activities of this week, the third week of activity, and noted the good and clear interaction of participants with the speed of response to the coach’s guidance and perform the required movements and blows to the fullest and correct, pointing out that the lessons of self-defense games “Karate”, practiced by skilled trainers specialized in this field and have the required grades and accredited in the federations of the game.
The summer activity of the Arab Sports Club and Al Wakra Youth Center is witnessing a huge demand for all the activities available to the participants. These activities range from sports, social, swimming, Quranic courses, technical and electronic courses, field visits to many vital areas in the country such as Al Shaqab, Scientific Club, Shooting Club and other areas. A variety of educational programs to keep up with the aspirations and develop the skills of participants in the activity, in addition to the activity of self-defense “Karate” which is a popular sports, which is witnessing a large turnout to enroll in it to learn its arts and Find out her skills.