Al-Arabi coach Haimar Halgrimson announced that the team is well prepared for the league and said: “We are happy with the preparation period that the team has made this season, where it was excellent and strong for three weeks in Spain and everyone benefited from it.”
He added: “The training was two periods and we have increased the training load and the players are in a good technical and physical level for the new season. The most important preparation for us is to prepare the players for the whole season well. We know the league championship very well and hope to do the best.”
“ Yes, I have gained enough experience in the league and now I know the details of things. .
“Al Arabi, like other teams in the league, added a lot of players, but we also lost some great players like Hashim Ali, Ibrahim Majid, Abdullah Marafi came back from injury and Ahmed Fathi and I think the current players are serving the team,” Hallgrimson said.
About Al Ahli, Hallgrimson said: “Al Ahli changed many players and we hope to make a good match against Al Ahli which is the opening for us in the tournament and I hope to win and know the value of the opponent and we have to play strongly to achieve this.
“The match will be very difficult. Al-Ahly are a very strong team with great players and they can compete for the title, not just the box. The game will be very strong and ready for this game.”
The coach conceded that he hoped to reach the Golden Box this season and that the team will play strong matches.